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20 de Febrero de 2019

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority at newlux and we want you to be happy with your purchase and with its use. To that end, we have a direct technical after-sales support service for end customers.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 2.30 pm

In order to guarantee the quality of all our products, and for all our customers to feel that someone is listening to their needs and that there is somewhere to go to in case there is a problem, or just to ask any questions on the purchase, our company has set a direct way of getting in contact with us for our end customers: our TSS and our CC.

  • Our TSS is the technical support service and is the physical place where the products are repaired.
  • The CC is the call and e-mail centre where your incidents are deal with. That is where you should go if you have any problems with your product. As well as repairing the product we answer any questions you many have on your product.

If you experience any functioning problems with one of our products, please get in contact with your distributor or the official newlux Technical Support Service and send the product invoice by fax or e-mail. Once one of our operators has registered your incident, we will collect the product at your home and deliver it after being repaired.

Which products do we offer support for?

All our brand’s products: newlux®, newconfort®, newteck®, newchef®, newcook®, newbasic®, cocifacil, newmagnetic+, Samba, newpower and Q7.

Please take into account the following legal aspects when using this service:

All our products have a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, as established by European law, so long as the invoice is sent, the product is in perfect physical condition and is used appropriately as indicated in the instruction manual.
We ask for the product invoice in order to prevent fraud and to make sure that the product was made by our company and that it is not a copy or another brand.

  • What to do in case of any incidents:
- The first thing you should do is to check that a problem actually exists that requires it to be sent to the TSS. For this, you should check the instruction manual.
- If the problem persists you should call the CC, and have the invoice ready that states the company that sold the product and its description and price. You will talk to an operator and explain what is wrong with the product. Our personnel will assess your problem and tell you what to do.
- You cannot proceed without talking to one of our operators, as we will not receive any products that arrive via any method other than our own (we have a collection and delivery service that is arranged in each case). Incidents cannot be processed without having checked that the product has been distributed via our company’s authorised distribution channels.

      What does the TSS not cover?

The warranty will not cover damages in the following cases:

  • If the product has been used for another purpose or a capacity it is not designed for; if it has been mistreated, banged, exposed to dampness, treated with a corrosive liquid or substance, or any fault that is the consumer’s fault.
  • If the product has been dismantled, modified o repaired by people that are not authorised by newlux’s official TSS.
  • If the incident is caused by normal wear and tear of the parts.
  • If you do not present the invoice