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20 de Febrero de 2019

Newlux, household goods

Welcome to newlux®! Our company offers you a wide range of home solutions to make your life easier.

How often have you wondered whether it would be possible to make household chores easier? Newlux focuses on finding high quality solutions for your home. All our products are designed to save time when doing housework and to provide a better quality of life.

At Newlux® we offer a wide range of products so you can feel as comfortable as possible at home with our different brands, each one dedicated to a specific line of products:

  for the kitchen: food processors, pressure cookers, homeware and kitchen accessories.

  technology applied to the home: cleaning robot, water treatments and heating and air conditioning.

newbasic domestic cleaning, bathroom and personal solutions.

 fitness and relaxation equipment.

All our products are high quality items designed for you to enjoy your daily housework as you always imagined, in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to our network of distributors and sales representatives, we are closer to you with items focusing on meeting your everyday needs.

At Newlux®, you’ll find a wide range of items at the best price. It’s time to let someone else cook for you and you’ll see that Newlux® and our practical products such as food processors and cleaning items will make your life easier.

Don’t hesitate – try our products. We are a leading company thanks to our top quality products. With our intelligent solutions, Newlux® is the perfect way to do your housework.

"...we’ve managed to get so far because we’ve always been close to our customers: we respond fast to their demands, advise them personally and in a friendly manner, and offering the best after-sales service"
"... because the only way to guarantee your complete satisfaction is by being close to you"

If you are a wholesaler and want to be part of our network of distributors, please get in contact with us.